A portrait photo of Michael
Michael B. Gale

Software Engineer with a passion for teaching, open-source, and all things to do with programming languages.


I am a Software Engineer at GitHub, working on CodeQL. Previously I worked at Tweag, where I consulted for Hachi Security and Juspay. I like open-source, teaching, and all things to do with programming languages!

My interests focus around all aspects of programming languages, including their specification, implementation, and tooling. I am particularly interested in languages with expressive type systems and those which solve problems that larger and evolving software projects face, such as modularity and changing dependencies. To this end, the language I enjoy working with the most is Haskell, but I have experience with a vast selection of languages across different paradigms. I am also interested in applying advances in programming languages to other fields, both within and outside of Computer Science.


Keating F., Gale, M. B., This is Driving Me Loopy: Efficient loops in Arrowized Functional Reactive Programs, Haskell Symposium 2023.
Greensmith, J., Gale, M. B., The functional dendritic cell algorithm: a formal specification with Haskell, IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC) 2017.
Committee memberships
Programme Committee, Haskell'22
Programme Committee, FARM'21
Artifact Evaluation Committee, ICFP'18